Swiss Alpine Hotel

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Family Room

  • Balcony overlooking the village with views of the Mischabel mountain range
  • Double Standard and Double Basic with connecting door
  • 2 double beds consisting of 2 single mattresses with hygienic protective covers
  • 2 bathrooms / WCs with bathtub and all the practical accessories
  • 2 bathrobes and wellness slippers
  • Flat screen TV, radio, direct dial telephone, wireless
  • Room safe, mini bar or selection of drinks

Being on the village side means that you are close to and can enjoy views of the original centre of the village with its striking and impressive village church, the Bergführerfriedhof cemetery and a monument in the centre!

The combination of two rooms with a connecting door offers so much room and fun for your kids - they can nip in and out quickly, mum and dad can check up on them, and yet they are independent and unsupervised - so are the parents!


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