Swiss Alpine Hotel

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Your delicious breakfast

Nothing is more enjoyable than a delicious hearty breakfast - that's healthy too!

So make the time to do it right and let us spoil you with so many tempting treats!
In addition to all the different kinds of coffee, tea and chocolate drinks, there are of course various juices, a large selection of cheeses, meats and breads, all kinds of egg dishes and now the special, alternately with homemade...


  • various types of muesli, with e.g. apricot & vanilla, with pears and caramel nuts or plums & cinnamon, with mango & coconut ,etc.
  • fresh milkshakes or smoothies
  • alternating porridges with e.g. cherry & poppy, with banana & chocolate or  passion fruit & pistachios, etc.

Enjoy the breakfast!