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Summer Edition - Tip of the week

They are little fine tips, hints, maybe even advice from us personally, your hosts and staff, who ourselves love living in this inspiring place. It is with pleasure that we look after you in our house, just as we would like to suggest to you here the quiet, the exciting, the impressive and special moments that could be "your little personal experience". Or simply that you don't miss out on a great offer in Zermatt...


The cows at Stafelalp

What a sight of a beautiful farm animal! What a history of the whole cycle of cheese production in Stafelalp! We are grateful for so much tradition and originality! Don't miss out on drinking a fresh glass of milk on the spot. Naturalness and sustainability become a matter of course... See more here!


By the way, we offer the original Zermatt cheese daily on our breakfast buffet!

The ascent inside

In everyday life, climbing stairs is often exhausting (but still healthy...), but the ascent, in the middle of a wild meadow with an overwhelming view over 149 steps to the chapel on the "Howeten", becomes a meditative walk! You will reach an ecclesiastical gem and absolute tranquillity. You will find this place not far from the village and we highly recommend a visit early in the morning or in the evening. Of course, a preceding or following hike, in a very personal and own mood, is also possible. 

Mysticism on the "Schwarzsee"

On some days, there is a whole crowd of people on the rough, yet fascinating Schwarzsee, the place where you humbly look up from "below", the starting point for the ascent of the Matterhorn, but also the place where you can currently sit "all alone" by the lake and enjoy incredible peace and quiet! For this, you currently still have to take the ascent via Hermetje from Furi under your feet! We will show you the way! Soon, from 18.6, the gondola will also be going up to Schwarzsee again, but then the idyllic peace and quiet could be over...


The "Edelweiss" above Zermatt

If you turn your gaze from the village a little to the west, you will discover a lovely little house on a rocky outcrop at a lofty height, "here I've been since time immemorial", waving its flag in a very friendly cannot be overlooked from our sun terrace either and many a guest has wished to be at the top and imagined this special view over the whole of Zermatt... yes, it is worth taking this not too long, albeit steep, path under your feet! You will be spoilt with traditional food and drink at the "Edelweiss" and we don't need to tell you any more about the fantastic panorama... let us show you the start of the path on the spot.