Swiss Alpine Hotel

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Special packages summer 2020

Finally, we can think about variety and recreation - about time away from home and other surroundings. We are pleased to offer you a selection of beneficial opportunities to compensate for much of the time that has passed and to mobilize to new deeds and motivation.

5 for 4 nights or simply invite your friends

That is what you were missing - the relaxing break for yourself and time for your dear friends. We would be happy to help you combine the two.

2 times a weekend

You choose one weekend in summer and a second one in winter.

let's go for skiing

It is an extraordinary idea but an insane feeling to glide past in the snow in front of the Matterhorn in the middle of summer. Winter conditions prevail all year on the Theodul Glacier above Zermatt. If you get early in the morning, you can ski and snowboard in midsummer until noon. Europe’s highest and largest glacier ski area offers up to 21 kilometers of slopes.