Swiss Alpine Hotel

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The history of the hotel

A wonderful place on Earth – at the heart of the Zermatt village. It was all made possible thanks to our parents Vinzenz und Josefine Abgottspon-Julen

... partly through inheritance, but mainly through the acquisition of land from 1974 to 1977.

Together, with great initiative and enthusiasm, they put the wheels in motion for setting up the ALLALIN. The construction work began in 1978, running from May to December, and it took what would still be considered in today’s terms as an incredible amount of organisation and effort to get the hotel by the end of the year so that the first guests could spend Christmas in the ALLALIN.

Since 2002 we have been running the hotel as the descendants of these great founders, the Josi and Christa Taugwalder Abgottspon family, with the help of our long-serving staff. Since this time there are regular renovations and extensions, which have created the SWISS ALPINE HOTEL ALLALIN of today.

There are still another "root" worth mentioning...

There is the famous story of the first ascent of the Matterhorn in 1865, in which the Taugwalder father and son were directly involved. They were among the first brave and strong successful climbing team who believed so ardently in making the climb a reality. They were triumphant in their climb to reach the top!

What was to follow however was tragic: The fatal fall of four mountaineers as the result of a frayed rope and thereafter the legal proceedings and intolerable accusations.

And yet, the strength of the Taugwalder father and son, direct ancestors of our family, along with their enthusiasm and passion for the mountains and nature, could not be marred and broken. This spirit acts as our foundation and role model for authenticity and tradition, as we continue to run our hotel with a consistent, albeit more modern, Alpine style and facilities.